Why should sex workers be respected?

Why should sex workers be respected?

Sex workers should be respected because they are doing a job that people want.

If there was no need of sex work there would be no sex workers.

Every man that goes to a sex worker received things they needed, care, understanding, and also love. Yes they pay for it, and the sex workers are happy to give it. They had a need and for sure the sex workers are always there and able to fill that need.

The few men who don’t respect ladies do not usually get welcomed; those are the type that makes girls who are involved in the sex work feel like sex work should be criminalized.

Some men go as far as beating up a sex worker simply because she does not want to involve in risky sexual act. These are issues that come up many a time…some of which ruin the relationship between sex workers and their customers. This is unacceptable and a high level of Gender based violence.

In the end, we can do what we want with our body. By selling sex in such a way that no one get harmed, in fact making someone’s day a bit better. Just because it’s not the conventional choice it doesn’t mean sex workers shouldn’t be respected. If you take away respect you open the door to violence.

Let’s suppose we have all been given chocolate. We can do whatever we want with our chocolate, it’s ours. Most people decide to share it with their loved ones. Some people don’t want anyone to have their chocolate and they keep it all for themselves. Some people decide that they are going to give a piece of chocolate to whoever they like.

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